Liberal Ties and broken promises

Picture this…Hockey, or Abbott, or Truss, or Morrison, in this photo. Each morning these gentlemen rise up after a night of soulless sleep and choose a tie to wear.

Each man has a long tie rack of ties, Abbott can never decide between fundamental blue or washed out powder blue. Peta usually chooses his tie for him, once she gets out of the shower.

Morrison chooses a shade of marine blue with stripes. For the asylum seekers and the camps he throws them in to rot. Perhaps he will have his next suit cut in that style.  Truss wears a dull and colourless tie with black stripes. Like the black and white forgotten political world he inhabits, Truss lacks colour, life and description.  Most people don’t even know he exists.

Hockey settles for Black. Pitch black like the blackhole at the heart of his budget. The blackness of Hockey’s tie sums up the hopes and dreams his budgets are going to smash across Australia.

Saving the best til last…Pyne all alone in his crusade against the future of Australian Education. His tie is one of privilege and gilded lillies. Like a chocolate wrapping around a turd, the joke isn’t all that funny. If ever there was an example of Australia’s most hated tie wearing politican, it is Pyne.

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The boat is sailing away and Abbott is too busy pigging out on Lobster

Day 67

The most destructive and irresponsible Government in Australia’s history will start its official parliamentary term tomorrow.

Its first piece of legislation is to attempt to repeal the Carbon Emissions trading scheme. Thankfully it is bound to fail, at least until the next senate comes into effect in July 2014.

The tragedy of this legislation is bound up in a mixture of ideological lunacy, corporate greed and sheer ignorance. This is a government which is condemning future Australians to a life of hardship, danger, and despair.

Like any Government which refuses to listen to experts and follow a purely ideological or economic path, it is bound to bring about failure and suffering.

“Australia just experienced its hottest October on record and 2013 is set to be the hottest year ever, according to a new report issued as the country recovers from devastating bush fires scientists have linked to climate change. That’s sure to stoke the controversy over reports that new Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s will fire nearly a quarter of the scientists that work for Australia’s leading government research organization.”

“Tony Abbott has confirmed that his government has abandoned its longstanding policy to reduce Australia‘s emissions by between 5% and 25% of 2000 levels by 2020 – a crucial and internationally scrutinised goal that had retained bipartisan support since 2009, throughout Australia’s tumultuous political debate over climate policy.”

If this was a wartime decision we would be facing invasion and national defeat thanks to Abbott and his Government’s incredible short

sightedness. Like the political bullies and cowards they are our nation is being condemned to a gross criminal injustice. The next generation will look upon the Abbott government as the harbinger of their doom.

Abbott will be written up as the worst Prime Minister in our history. A coward and an ignoramus.

The chronic recklessness lies in that this is an irreversible situation. By not acting now we will miss the chance to do what we can for the future generation. The boat is sailing away and Abbott is too busy piggong out on Lobster with his corporate masters ( at tax payers expense of course).

The is no second chance here. To put it simply Abbott will be seen as an environmental vandal, a criminal of the people and the nation will curse him as the fool which destroyed the future.

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“The lamps are going out all over Australia, we shall not see them lit again in our life-time”

Day 59

The time of darkness is almost total now. Behind us, the lighted path is dimming as the door is pulled shut by the LNP. There is no light up ahead, only a deep chasm of suspicion, paranoia, lies and deceit. We are entering into the murky world as imagined by the likes of Abbot, and his amoral and corrupt ministers Brandis, Bishop, Hockey,  Morrison and more so perhaps the sinister Peta Credlin and omnipresent evil that is Rupert Murdoch.

“It is now clear that the underlying principle of the Abbott Government is to be ignorance: not only are the masses to be kept as far as possible in the dark, but the Government itself does not want to know.”

In this dark era of Australian history, there are only the extreme winners – those for whom money is to be piled high and counted, and countless losers – those whom await new forms of exploitation and disempowerment. The sharks are now in charge of the fish…

“when they say ‘catch calls’ like ‘open for business’ are going to make their lives easier, and to make their businesses richer, and to make them individually richer, who brought about the Abbott victory. No care for the environment. No care for the level or regulation that is sensible and makes Australia a first world country. No care for the fact that they are using three word slogans to justify the biggest fuck up this country has ever democratically elected.”

Those from disadvantaged backgrounds, the old and the ill. Minority groups and fringe dwellers. In short the traditional targets of fascist governments throughout history. The biggest loser will be those yet to be born. The very young and those whom don’t remember a time before the darkness. For them having no sight will be the norm. Ignorance will be their only bliss.

For now at least Asylum seekers are the punching bags – easily the most vulnerable and defenceless. They are the practise target for the LNP thugs. The public has been conditioned over many years to hate and fear them. No one bats an eyelid anymore over life time detention camps for children. Deaths at sea are dismissed as their fault. The public enjoys knowing asylum seekers are being punished. The public enjoys not having to hear or care about their plight.

Spitting on Shoes

A few days ago I sent a tweet which suggested that Scott Morrison will be forgotten by history and that little children should stop him in the street and spit on his shoes.  Most people understood it as it was intended.  Anyone who thinks the suggestion would be followed literally is missing the point: the suggestion is intended as a mark of my contempt for Morrison. Contempt for him for deliberately misleading the public into thinking that boat people are criminals, or have broken the law in any way. 

Morrison has regularly referred to boat people as “illegal”; he has suggested that those who are placed in community detention should be required to report regularly to police; he has said that they should not be placed in the community near “vulnerable people”.  In October 2013 he directed staff in the Department to refer to boat people as “Illegal Maritime Arrivals”.  The Department is now officially the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

What is worse, Morrison says these things knowing it will make the public see boat people as less than human, so they can be mistreated without public complaint. 

I do not think we are going to see much shoe-spitting. But it is fascinating that some people missed the point of the tweet and, more alarmingly, thought that such a breach of good manners would be a greater crime than Morrison’s dishonesty and hypocrisy and mistreatment of other human beings.

Here is an email I received today, and my response to it. I get quite a few abusive emails in relation to refugee issues, but this person is especially enthusiastic:

“Burnside……luved ya latest tweet encouraging kids to accost our Immigration Minister Scott Morrison in the street and “spit on his shoes”……why kids?, you’re low enough to perform the same feat or are you frightened of retaliation?….for a bloke who’s job is to uphold law and order, is it legit to exploit kids for the use of committing unlawful activities, let alone you promoting it, is that an indictable offense I wonder?

You with the likeness of “Louie the fuckin’ fly” are a self righteous fucking moron and I hope one of your unruly little monsters takes to you with a fly swatter, you haven’t had any headlines lately dickhead uh, out of work? what a fuckin’ wanker!!!”

The person who wrote this tends to email me every few weeks. He is always abusive, and seems not to absorb any facts I send him.  Still, it is always invigorating to see how things look from his corner.

My response:

“…Here’s the thing. Scott Morrison lies about innocent people: he calls them “illegal” when he knows they have not committed any offence, he creates fear in the public about those same people; he uses those lies as a means of dehumanising refugees, then when the dehumanising has worked, he mistreats refugees and drives them to hopelessness and despair.

He is holding nearly 1500 children in detention; some of them are now suicidal.

He prays conspicuously each Sunday at the ShireLive church in Sydney, although what he is doing is plainly contrary to Christian teaching.

In response to his dishonesty and hypocrisy, I suggested that little children should spit on his shoes: not on him, on his shoes. As a mark of contempt.

But in your hierarchy of values it is worse to spit on his shoes than it is for him to lie to the public, dehumanise refugees and then mistreat them…”

Incidentally, the idea of little children spitting on a person’s shoes as a mark of contempt is not an original idea of mine. I first read the suggestion in a piece written some years ago by Bob Ellis, a good man and a fine writer

 The more recent  target group are Motorcycle clubs, an easy target to array propaganda against and get public acceptance. Much tougher the asylum seekers, Bikies need new laws made in order to crush them. In the darkness we are told bikies are the most dangerous threat to public safety. They are a curse on society. People are eager to embrace the idea of a new curse needing extermination. The public loves a good witch hunt. In truth bikies as a threat are minor. Somewhat tougher than asylum seekers, Bikies are the target practice for the next  and main group.

The obvious target will be Unions and by proxy, workers. The antithesis of the LNP, Unions are the mortal enemy of a political organisation whose main goal is to exploit workers.

“Unions fear conservative state governments are pushing to ”silence” them  nationally after Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia joined NSW in  defending its political donations laws against a landmark High Court challenge”

Read more:

In the darkness covering everything the LNP will literally get away with murder. Abbott and his workplace SS minister Abetz will crush the unions without the public being able to see.

“The Abbott Government’s attempt to introduce an
appeals body to amend decisions made by the Fair Work Commission is another
attempt to strip back workers’ rights, the ACTU said today.

President Ged Kearney said media reports today  made it clear that the Abbott
Government wanted to reduce the FWC’s power to stand up for workers, and make it
easier for employers to push through bids to cut wages and reduce conditions
such as penalty rates.

“We are concerned that this is an attempt by the
Abbott Government to reduce the ability of the Fair Work Commission  to make
balanced decisions that respect the rights of workers.”

“Fair Work is the
independent body that decides such things as the annual increase to the minimum
wage – increases that big business always say are far too generous.”

has also knocked back attempts by business to reduce penalty rates in certain

“There is no reason for the Abbott Government to bring in an
appeals body unless it wants to reduce the power of the Fair Work Commission and
make it easier for business to implement its agenda to cut wages and

“The Abbott Government has refused to enshrine penalty rates
in law, and it is clear that they will not stand in the way of business’s
attempts to cut them.”

“Workplace Minister Eric Abetz has also said the
government wants the Fair Work Commission to overrule negotiated agreements that
he believes are too generous to workers. This is an attack on workers’ right to
negotiate collectively with employers.”

“He has also said today that the
Abbott Government will push ahead with attempts to introduce a national
construction code which will punish construction companies which enter into
agreements with unions, by denying them the chance to work on federal government
projects. This is a measure which will do nothing to improve productivity and
will simply result in more red tape for businesses.”

From here its open slaver where workers and individuals are under the jackboot without even realising until too late.

In this darkness there are still a few feeble lights moving around, flickering candle holders and firefly weak. Some may be false hopes. We can only hope that there are some which will increase in illumination, and provide a space for a brighter positive future to grow around.

“If language is being used as bullets – then conservatives are using bazookas and flamethrowers whilst progressives are firing back on their own. The problem for progressives is that whilst they preach to the already converted –  conservatives are taking control of broader cultural language and winning.”

It is the darkness which is the enemy. Eyes grow weaker in darkness and become less useful, eventually losing sight altogether. The Australian people may become so accustomed to the darkness and the snake like lies of comfort and reassurance from the Murdoch machine that they forget what the light was like.

Already it seems people have accepted that the door is being closed and that darkness is the new form of government. Only a few writers are desperately trying to raise the alarm. Trying to shake the  hypnotised public awake.  Now more then ever we need those writers and more of them. We need to keep as many lights burning as possible. These people will be places of hope as the darkness deepens.

The next decades will be scarred by this time. The environmental damage will be the curse of the generation growing up now, and their children will have no choice but to live in a broken world. Even as Abbott and Education minister Prancing Pyne rewrite the history books and corrupt the education syllabus, their history will be a spreading stain over which the future generations will despair of.  As the door closes we say good buy to what should have been our future, and our children’s future.  In place is greed, self interest,

“It seems we can live with a world of obscene disparities, as long as we imagine  our lives, careers and successes are all our own work. If others struggle,  that’s their fault,  their own mistakes, or lack of skills or work ethic.

Read more:

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The Liberal Songbook

Day 48

During the worst days of the fires near Blackheath, my family and I took shelter at my brother in law’s place in Annandale Sydney. They extended a warm hospitality as usual, and we felt welcome. My brother in law is a very successful investment banker and together with his wife (an accountant) they must easily earn over $500,000 p/a. This sort of income means they have a house of very expensive objects and gadgets. Our 3.5 year old and 1.5 year old certainly tested our ability to monitor there actions to the limit. Fortunately nothing was broken or damaged.

I did however have a short conversation with my brother in law about politics. Both he and his wife are liberal Voters. In this regards they fit the very wealthy mold (as opposed to stupid mold) of those who vote for the coalition.

The conversation was kept short , and I held my tongue for most of it. However most of his argument for voting LNP was flawed. here is a brief run down.

1- Labor leadership disarray

He was able to acknowledge the devious role of the media in this situation. I did agree the leadership tussles didn’t do Labor any favours, however the party was functioning as its designed to do in terms of choosing a part leader.

2- Rudd as psychopathic leader ( Gillard was better !)

I fear that bagging Rudd simply replaced bagging Gillard here. It is interesting how much praise has since been heaped upon Gillard from some quarters. In any case Rudd as psychopath is somewhat mute compared to Campbell Newman and of course Abbott himself. Seems voting for one psychopath is better then voting for another.

I don’t care to write or add much more to Labor’s leadership dramas. It was fodder for the right wing press and Abbotts harping, but it didn’t prevent Labor from passing record amounts of legislation and much need reform.

3- School halls waste

This is straight out of the LNP songbook. I never really understood what was so flawed about funding school halls in public schools. I don’t hear parents or teachers complaining that their school now has a new hall ? Perhaps new school halls are only allowed in private schools.

“The BER Program has since March 2009:

  • Secured close to $3.5 billion in funding from the Commonwealth (seven times the size of the Department’s annual business as usual capital program) to deliver 4,659 projects over two years
  • Completed all 4,659 projects.

The Building the Education Revolution’s primary goal was to support the economy, but had the added benefit of providing long-term infrastructure to NSW government schools.

Students, teachers and the wider community now have access to high quality resources to support learning and improve the quality and diversity of learning environments for years to come.”

4- Pink Batts waste

Another LNP propaganda piece. The crime it seems was to try to install insulation in every house in Australia during the GFC. Thus stimulating jobs and a business surge and providing the permanent energy saving measures for the houses. What a waste !

“First, this so-called “debacle” was nothing of the sort. It was one of the central strategies which saved Australia from recession in 2009-10 after the onset of the global financial crisis [GFC]. The only other developed country to avoid two negative quarters of gross domestic product growth was Poland — which executed similar moves, but less swiftly.”

5- Liberals are better financial managers – Being in the finance industry means he knows this better then most…

Not withstanding my brother in laws profession, the notion that the liberals are better ecomomic managers is a myth. A terrible myth which has already ccost Australia billions and billion of lost $ and created a difficult future – and that’s just form the Howards years.

ACCORDING TO THE LINE flogged relentlessly for the last six years by the federal Coalition and the mainstream media, the Howard-Costello years – 1996 to 2007 – were a period of wonderful money management.

“The Government of John Howard now looks like a lost golden age of reform and prosperity” is a favourite Tony Abbott mantra.

Like countless propositions repeated ad nauseum by Australia’s media, the opposite is the truth. In fact, the Howard years are widely regarded outside Australia as dismally disappointing.

Or, according to some, like veteran economics writer Kenneth Davidson:

“What has happened under Costello’s watch is a major financial disaster.”

6 – Greens are extremists/ radicals

A favourite stance of the right wing and LNP voters. The greens are a threat to economic growth. They oppose backburning and are the most responsible for the Bushfire threat. It seems nobody actually stops to find out from the Greens what they do really think.

The Greens believe that living with bushfire threat requires a coordinated approach that includes:

  • planning of housing sites to avoid development in risk prone areas;
  • strategically planned hazard reduction, including controlled burning, where  and when climatic conditions allow it to be done safely and where it is consistent with maintaining the ecosystem;
  • education and community awareness programs to reduce the incidence of arson; and
  • a well funded and managed fire fighting service which can protect human life and homes and contain the spread of fires.

While recognising that controlled burning is only one form of bush fire risk reduction, The Greens have not been responsible for restricting its use. We are committed to an effective and scientifically based approach to hazard reduction, which takes into account the needs of both the human and natural environments.”

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Hide the Fires

Day 44

My little family and I live in Blackheath in the upper Blue Mountains. This evening I am watching the sky  as the sun sets. The sky is grey like a storm is approaching. However the clouds are not of rain, but rather the smoke of a massive bushfire parts of which are only 4km away.

It is mid Spring. Tommorrow the tempreture will be 32 degrees celcius.  The Rural fire Service is warning that the entire Blue Mountains are at risk. This could well be the worst Bushfire in recorded Hisotry. Already over 200 homes have been destroyed.

The fact that no lives have been lost is a tribute to the hard working selfless volunteers in the RFS.

All this brings me to the rank hyprocrisy and utter deviousness of the Abbott Government.

Even as Abbott appeared in Winmalee to give a very brief speech (so as to avoid any questions by the media) behind the scenes the LNP were cutting the eligibility for disaster assistance.

This to me is typical LNP behaviour, smile and wave to your face whilst cutting your legs out from under you. Hit the poor and the vulnerable as they can’t fight back. Its in the LNPs DNA.

“On 18 October 2013 as bushfires raged up and down the NSW east coast, the Abbott Government performed this act of bastardry: The Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payment (the AGDRP) provides an immediate, one-off payment to Australians adversely affected by a major disaster. [ComLaw October 2013] Those who have lived through natural disasters before will note that the Abbott Government is no longer paying relief if the October 2013 bushfires in New South Wales have forced an individual or family out of their house for 24 hours or more, or if access to return home has been cut off or if they are stranded at home and unable to leave.”

What annoys me more though is the peculiar stance on the attitude towards climate change in all this. It really is the elephant in the room. The media just doesn’t want to mention it. Its like a drunk driver has an accident and yet no one mentions that the driver was drinking.

Mid Spring…massive bushfire…record tempertaures…very little rain. ???

Yet when Adam Brandt tried to remind people that climate change is a reality and is having an impact he got slammed across the media for “politicising” the issue.

“For the Abbott government, it has emerged that talking about climate change during a “natural” disaster is taboo. Of course, how “natural” the NSW fires actually are is the issue here, as we witness over 100 separate fires across NSW. These fires are the likes of which have never been seen in the month of October anywhere in Australia, let alone this close to population centres.

Yesterday Greens MP Adam Bandt posted the following on Twitter that drew several reactions from LNP politicians.

Tony Abbott’s plan means more bushfires for Australia & more pics like this of Sydney.

Environment minister Greg Hunt condemned Bandt linking the NSW fires to Abbott’s perceived inaction on climate change, saying:

There has been a terrible tragedy in NSW and no-one anywhere should seek to politicise any human tragedy, let alone a bushfire of this scale.

But is this really politicising the fires, as if to gain some narrow political advantage for the Greens? Or is it in fact a gesture to point out how serious global warming actually is, and that without effective global action – especially from high carbon footprint nations like Australia – we are likely to expect more of such kinds of fire behaviour at very strange times of the year?”

Meanwhile we see Abbott sitting in a fire engine grinning like a fool. He is the all action man hero saviour come to assist the little people. The media love it even as the smell of crap coats all involve.

The question should be asked as to just how much will Abbott charge taxpayers for this bout of volunteering ?

Given Bushfires are going to start occurring with greater intensity and much sooner. Given that the Abbott Government ( and much of the media) is in denial about the effects of climate change and indeed the need to do anything about it, how long before it becomes important for the LNP to hide Bushfire reports from the media ? Its already a tactic with the “hide the boats” policy, so why not extend it to bush fires. Smoke what smoke ? The LNP will neither confirm nor deny that the smoke seen all over Sydney today was the result of a yet another bushfire in the Blue Mountains. For operational reasons the LNP cannot reveal the size nor scale of any bushfires which may or may not be the cause of the smoke. Finish with a glossy pic of Abbott and Greg Hunt planting a tree with a couple of blondes…

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Why We Fight ~ Part 2

Day 40


I try stay calm these days. Avoid the TV news and reading any main stream newspapers. Unfortunately by doing this the rage builds up inside and isn’t released. Blogging about it is at least a kind of safety valve. Even if it feels impotent at times.

I take cold comfort knowing that in the days of reckoning to come I am on the side of those who fought the good fight. A crusade against the evils of the Abbott Government and all it stands for.

The latest insidious developments have began slithering into view despite parliament not siting until mid November, Abbott is damaging whatever he can get his clammy hands on.


“The goal of the TPP is to make it easier for big business and international corporations to act across borders without interference from states. The TPP will effectively erode state oversight in favour of corporate freedom in areas such as the environment, workers rights, food safety, internet freedom, the costs of medicine, and financial regulation. ”

Privatising HECS

“The university education debt of millions of Australians could be sold off under a  proposal to be examined by Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s inquiry into the state of the nation’s finances.”

“Let’s be clear, selling-off Australia’s HECS debts would not necessarily “boost the Budget bottom line”. Because HECS debts do not have interest (except CPI increases), by definition the sale would be at a significant discount to face value ($23 billion). The difference in effect becomes the annuity stream for investors. Therefore, while the Government would receive some funds up-front, it would lose the ongoing cash flow as loans are repaid – in effect substituting a future income stream for a smaller lump-sum.”

The repeal of the Carbon price and his call for Labor to “repent”

and the slowly growing government censorship and control of our freedoms.

“The Coalition Government has only been in power a month, but despite professing “freedom of speech” as a core belief, and The Australian declaring that Tony Abbott PM would “champion free speech”, our right to freely discuss the government, foreign governments and business is being hit from several angles.”


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Why we fight part 1

Day 31

The struggle has now degenerated further. On one hand we have the travel rorts of Abbott and various senior LNP ministers (the mind boggles over how many lesser ministers are claiming allowances). Then there are various media and journalists willing to defend them.

Overseas media seems to be more willing to pursue this corruption than the pathetic Australian MSM

Finally there is the supreme example of Peter Slipper being dragged before a federal court over his travel rort, by a suspected LNP rorter George Brandis. Perhaps it takes one to know one. The point is Slipper’s travel rorts date back to when he was a Coalition member.

So why is Slipper before the courts and the rest of the Politicians, including Abbott, on multiple cases, allowed to simply pay back the money and forget it.

The media is to date, studiously avoiding this vexed question. To boot the closest the media can get to this is by mentioning how Abbott has chosen to pay back the expenses charged for him to attend Peter Slippers Wedding !!! There has to be a word for such an extreme and obnoxious use of irony.

Now will this matter in the long run ? Will the people who voted in Abbott care that he is ripping them off over a long period of time and the paying back the money when caught ???

Have those same voters already switched off and prefer to see more negativity as simply sour grapes ? Do the voters now prefer to be swindled simply so as not to have to hear about politics anymore. In short has Abbott burnt people out. Has his constant grinding in your face politics made people want to take a break from it.

If so the danger now is that he and the LNP are going to use this deadening to exploit people’s disengagement as much as possible.  The counter to this is the invigorated social media movement. We are keeping tabs of you Abbott ! We are not only writing about your growing list of lies, but also recording your lies and making them public. What’s more the amount of people viewing this information is growing all the time.

Day 30

Day 29

Day 28

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Day 27

Still here…absorbing and trying to remain positive.

Day 26

Day 25

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The race to the bottom – Won

Day 24

I can’t write much tonight. Abbott has of course just concluded his visit to Indonesia. Whilst the Australian press is by and large supportive and in many cases so pro Abbott it hurts, I feel something fundamental has been lost.

Abbott has successfully and in an evil way, reduced asylum seekers to nothing across the region. He has successfully taken the race to the bottom in domestic politics and applies that to the region with Indonesia. That at least is what the Australian media is crowing about ! Gloating about sending asylum seekrs back to whatever hell they came form. Removing support, compassion, and understanding for other humans. Where does this end and what could it lead into ?

What I find alarming is that this is not a issue which will go away no matter how much Abbott and the media demonise it. Its zero tolerance extended to asylum seekers. As if they are criminals who deserve to be punished. This is nothing new of course, but now its pure and simple no holds barred. Abbott even promised to the Indonesian leader that any protests for asylum seekers from West Papua would be clamped down upon. Does that mean people protesting on a city street over an issue they believe in and are affected by will arrested ?…

The media is silent on this. Its seems to the MSM having civil liberties removed in order to appease another nation is not an issue. 3 weeks into the Abbott Government and this is where we are at already…

Day 23

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The Future Abandoned

Day 22

Tonight I can make a little effort at summing up the last three long weeks of the Abbott Government

Abbott and his stooges have struck out so far in four key areas:

– Climate change policy

– Education

– Asylum Seekers


The Destruction of the climate change commission was effectively countered by the formation of the climate change council. The same organisation without government funding and with complete independence. To date crowd sourcing has earnt it $800,000.

This is a HUGE victory for democracy, for people power, and for those whom value the future. It’s a defeat for Abbott. Of course the media is ignoring it, but it matters little. Social media are holding its own. Expect more of this and more headaches for Abbott thanks to social media…

The release of the IPCC report is also being treated by the media as a flash in the pan crisis. Just more alarmist climate change hysteria. In no way is the Abbott governments denial of climate change and the impotent “direct action ” scam called into question here.

The media has abandoned the future and lashed themselves to ye olde’ sailing ship Abbott. The future isn’t going to be kind to the MSM either. Newspapers are in their dying years, Television as we know it now will face its own nemesis in internet TV and multiple channels from around the world. The stark monopole of Australian communications by the few is close to its end. How soon it happens rests with Abbott and Turnbull. They can go with their FTTN policy for the NBN and delay it by 15- 20 years. Thus running a huge wrecking ball through Australian communications and infrastructure. Or Turnbull can slowly back out of his stupidity via multiple costly “white papers” and keep with the FTTH set up.

It remains to be seen just how far the Abbott government will get into its term before actually trashing the long-term policies and implementing its own half-baked weak excuses.

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