Abbott’s Sewage washes into Parliment

Day 2
Already it feels like weeks of suffering under Abbottitis. I dare not watch the news nor listen to the radio in fear of hearing the sounds of any of the liberals gloating. Instead I read the coming misery over the internet.
Today’s media set piece was tied up in the mundanity of who would take over the Labor leadership now that Rudd has quit and also the unfolding circus of the next senate.
Luckily for Australia, Abbott and his crew didn’t gain a senate majority (even if he still wails about having mandate – perhaps Christopher Pyne can help him out there…)
or perhaps this


It is becoming apparent that the balance of power in the senate is going to reside in a 6 to 8 very unlikely odd mish-mash of tiny political parties.

“Votes are still being counted but candidates from minor parties including the Australian Sports Party, the Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party, Palmer United Party and Family First are likely to pick up senate seats.”

It seems very much like Abbott’s brand of gutter politics has opened the lid on the sewage and flooded parliament with a few exotic stinks. Abbott may be right at home in his element but its going to make for ugly debates and even fouler concessions. Abbott’s negotiation skills have never been noted and already he has begun a process of bullying and intimidation. No doubt Murdoch is gearing up to realign its death stars from the wreck of the last government to this group of flavoursome fringe dwellers.

“Tony Abbott has issued a warning to the disparate group of senators likely to hold the balance of power that they should not try to stymie the Coalition’s agenda.”

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Let the sewage slinging begin !

The day’s pick of snuck through nastiness goes to this

Indigenous Australians could be more likely to go to jail under an Abbott government in light of Coalition plans to cut $42 million from indigenous legal services.

That is the view of Shane Duffy, the chairman of the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Service (NATSILS).

He said the planned cuts were disappointing after Liberal leader Tony Abbott previously said he hoped to be a “prime minister for Aboriginal affairs”.

“It’s not a good look to start by slashing the program that provides funding to culturally competent legal assistance services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples,” Mr Duffy said.

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So much for Abbott’s pledge to be the “Aboriginal affairs PM…” He does plan to spend an entire week every year in Aboriginal communities though. I hope this doesn’t eat into the time he spends riding his bike around the country claiming full parliamentary expenses for his “volunteer” fun raising rides…

Finally then to finish up, the boats are still coming despite the fear of scott Morrison’s teeth gnashing on Cronulla beach. Curiously the latest boat even had some renegade journalists onboard. lets hope they cause trouble and don’t work for Murdoch.
“Two journalists have arrived in Australia aboard a suspected asylum seeker boat.

The Department of Immigration has confirmed that the two men, one American and one Dutch, were intercepted overnight on a boat carrying 57 asylum seekers and two crew members, and taken to Christmas Island.”

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so day 2 ends…

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