Murdoch’s Abbottalypse

Day 1 of the Abbottalypse* dawned foggy and damp. There seem to be people staggering about with their brains leaking and dragging their limbs. The Abbott voters have taken over !

Meanwhile plans being snuck through by the yet to be sworn in Libs.

“A Coalition government would seek to slow or abandon requirements for childcare centres to lift staff to child ratios and employ more highly qualified workers.”

This is the another step on the road to dividing society into haves and have nots. Lower the standards of childcare,  pay the workers peanuts and keep the centres poorly serviced. Only the wealthy deserve quality childcare after all. Those childcare workers who don’t want to work for nothing can always apply as nannys for the $75000 children of rich mothers. An ability to iron blue ties is required…

Of further note is a related LNP piece of nastiness –

“Rents for almost 10 per cent of public housing tenants will rise by up to  $300 a week under a state government decision to cut discounts.

On Sunday, NSW Minister for Family and Community Services Pru Goward  announced  the  removal of the rent discount for public housing tenants who were  not eligible based on their income.

It will mean affected tenants living in a two-bedroom flat in Waterloo will   pay an extra $200 a week. In Newtown,  rents will rise by up to $245 a week and  in Glebe,  by up to $300 a week. The rent for a four-bedroom house in Blacktown  will increase by $200 a week.”

Read more:

Time to start hitting the most vulnerable, those whom society has left behind…,

Consider this tweet by Murdoch

“Aust election public sick of public sector workers and phony welfare scroungers sucking life out of economy. Others nations to follow in time.”

Now that Murdoch has the government he wants, its time to direct the hate elsewhere. Who better then the poor and the services they rely upon !

Meanwhile Abbott says of his overlord

“I’ve got a lot of time for Rupert Murdoch because whether you like his papers or don’t like his papers he’s one of the most influential Australians of all time.”

“Aussies should support our hometown heroes, that’s what I think in his own way Rupert Murdoch is.”

Murdoch of course abandoned Australia to become a US citizen in 1985…

To finish up the dubious chant of “mandate” has started being balled around by the Libs.

Consider this.

The numbers of voters for each party and percentage.

Labor ALP 3,605,616 33.8

Liberal LIB 3,383,088 31.7

Liberal National LNP 930,842 8.7

National NAT 487,800 4.6

Country Liberal CLP 36,743 0.3

Green GRN 895,069 8.4

Katter’s Australia KAP 105,901 1.0

Palmer United PUP 593,328 5.6

Family First FFP 143,711 1.3

Others OTH 473,897 4.4

Look at the numbers of people who actually voted for the Libs. Its less then Labor and even combined with the Nats, much less then 50% which would surely be the basic requirement for a mandate.

Yet the Libs and Murdoch are going to start inserting this concept into the zombie masses…

The mandate is the key to bullying parliament into accepting without question the plans that the LNP has kept hidden.

and so  day 1 has ended with a smokey haze covering everything…must be the abbott voters burning the hospitals, schools and blowing up NBN connections.

* Thanks to the Australian artist Teo Trelor for coining that word.

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