Peta Credlin…Abbott’s warrior mistress

Day 3

Bushfires in Sydney’s west and Blue Mountains. For some people the world must seem like its ending. Ironically all these areas are now safe Liberal seats. Voters have decided to back a party which is rabidly anti environment and anti climate change. I would have thought the logic of the landscape and climate would result in a greater drift to the Greens. But  no ! In these areas the Green vote is on the decline. Voters are opting for the head in the sand solution even as their streets burn down.

and the Libs are good for state services…

burn burn burn ! But hell, think of how sooner we can get back to surplus !

Besides the continuous mandate wail ( which will increase in repetition and scope) the fascist Libs are cracking down on asylum seeker processing – less time will be spent to check if they  are legitimate in order to send em back faster. This is Morrisons favoured way to ensure asylum seekers are tortured. Can you get any more evil outside of 1940 era Europe ?

“Scott Morrison will introduce a controversial ‘fast track’ processing scheme from the UK, known for returning tortured asylum seekers to their home countries” Only Morrison scours the world to find new and innovative ways to combat the evil that is asylum seekers.

Now for two examples of the  Liberal traits of  vindictive spite and friends in high places

First the spiteful removal of former Labor premier Brack from a diplomatic posting in the US – the reasoning that it was done this year without Lib involvement

2nd defining Lib moment goes to Peta Credlin, abbots chief of staff, PR agent, Amazonian protector and mistress. Caught drink driving shortly before the election was called she successfully had the court case put off until after the election.

Today her moment of due justice was served – nil convictions or charges. In a nation with “free” media the headlines would surely have read “Abbotts” lover walks free from drink driving charges” Not in the Murdocracy though, they save those headlines for Murdoch’s chosen target.

The dust continues to settle on Australian politics and most people are glad to have done with it. Unfortunately this is the very time the Liberals will count on pushing their agenda and setting in place their manipulation of democratic process via their claims of a mandate. They have a mandate to govern via legislation passed in the senate which they don’t control ! Anything beyond that is a perversion of democracy and should result in the governor general disbanding parliament.

What I found interesting is the Libs are starting to realise the predicament they are in. With a leader who is ill suited to communication the Libs are keen to amp up the problems, issues and political difficulties of a diverse senate. Even as it is apparent the senate is a product of Abbotts tactic of creating and fermenting social division. As ye reap, ye will sow.

The question now will be just how far will the Libs go to quash democratic process to gain more power. George Brandis, the ultimate plutocrat will be the next Governor General and if anyone is better suited to removing democratic rights, its him. Watch this space…

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