“Conservationist” Tony Abbottborough

Day 5

The assault on the environment is proceeding as planned

With the announcement the Mirrabella won’t be on the frontbench the Libs are looking for a new minister for science. http://m.theage.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/sophie-mirabella-withdraws-from-frontbench-contention-20130912-2tlon.html

Who better then their very own cimate chande denier Dr Dennis Jensen.  Jenson doesn’t believe anything should be done to prevent climate change and supporter of the ultimate in climate change denier crackpots the Englishman Lord Monkton ”

“Most of the stuff [Lord Monckton] says is entirely reasonable,” Dr Jensen  said.

“Some of it I don’t agree with but on the whole a lot of what he says is in  my view correct.”

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/climate-sceptic-mp-dennis-jensen-wants-to-be-science-minister-20130912-2tltt.html#ixzz2eeeUlHi0

Should be a good combination Dr Jenson on one hand and the amped up full steam ahead rape of the earths resources on the other. Literally a double assault on the future of the planet from the cohorts of vested interest groups The LNP.

To add to the plan to log world heritage forests we also have a plan to open the worlds largest coal mine inshore from the Great Barrier Reef

“The Galilee Basin, which sits about 400 kilometres inland from the Great Barrier  Reef, houses potential coalmines that would dwarf anything  ever developed in  Australia.

Read more: http://www.canberratimes.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/get-out-of-our-way-on-huge-mines-abbott-told-20130911-2tks7.html#ixzz2eeg6tArg

and a plan to give the green light to the super trawler fishing vessel. Labor banned it, the Libs don’t see the problem…not when there is money for big business to make.

Besides the rabid attack on the environment, the other full frontal attack of the Abbott dog whistle has taken a reality hit.

“Tony Abbott faces fresh obstacles from Jakarta on his asylum-seeker policies  after Indonesia’s foreign minister appeared to reject Coalition plans to pay  bounties for information that helps disrupt people-smuggling.”

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/we-will-reject-abbotts-policy-on-asylum-seekers-indonesia-foreign-minister-marty-natalegawa-20130912-2tmkw.html#ixzz2ef94LJ5f

It was always going to be this way of course…and simply gives legs to the notion that Abbott and Morrison held voters in contempt over the last 3 years. The boats will keep coming, but the Murdoch rags simply won’t report them, and Morrison is busying himself setting up the excuse that to report boat arrivals might be  out of his hands ”

A Coalition government will prevent the media from reporting on arrivals of asylum seeker boats, with Opposition Immigration spokesman Scott stating that the decision to report boat arrivals should not be a responsibility of politicians.

Mr Morrison made the claim yesterday at the National Press Club, saying he would leave the decision to announce boat arrivals up to the three-star general who would head up his ‘Operation Sovereign Borders’ policy.”





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