Abbott is Hiding

Day 7

Attack dog Abbott no longer the gutter dwelling junkyard mut. Now he wants everyone to play nicely and let him and his gang of Howard era left overs, do as they please.

Unfortunately for Abbott and co, he who fights by the sword, dies by the sword.

Whilst Abbott may indeed be “trying’ to slow down the pace of Government, there is no way social media will let him. The mainstream media may be clenched tight by Murdoch’s but cheeks, however the people will keep holding him to account.

Once Abbott does come out of hiding we will be waiting for him. With any luck, and the signs are good, the Labor revitalised under either Shorten or Albanese, will throw the grenades at an Abbott government just as he did to Labor. The difference will be, whilst Labor had policies and competent ministers, Abbott and co are yesterday’s men, and their policies are even now lacking in credibility or conviction. Labor will do well to hold a bad government to account !

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