What does Abbott stand for ?

Day 8

Its a week since that first horrible morning. I am still in a state of denial, still refusing to watch the television news, still refusing to aknowledge Abbott is in charge. This is made easier by Abbott’s media invisibility. The man is literally in hiding. His supporters think this is a deliberate political strategy to “slow down the pace of politics”. Like it will make any difference ! The 24 hour news cycle continues and the internet media keeps finding and showcasing the many many flaws of the LNP. Abbott can’t hide forever and when he does return he will be hammered.

This is the real reason he is hiding. Now he has power he doesn’t know what todo with it. Now he has his “precious” the keys to the lodge, he doesn’t know where to start. Abbott knows his lies will show up now. Abbott knows he cannot axe the tax or stop the boats ( five have arrived since he won  Murdoch’s election). He knows that people think he will improve their lives. Abbott won’t improve the rank and file of his supporter’s lives.  In fact Abbott knows that he is about to make their lives harder and more difficult. Bot5h the LNP and Murdoch need time to recalibrate their lies. To prepare their attacks on the very people they are about to hurt. The best way to retain power is to divide and rule, or find a common enemy.The LNP have nothing positive to bring to the table. In so far as table’s go the LNP are going to remove all the cutlery and plates, before replacing the food with cardboard images.

Murdoch will by then have prepared his death stars and will protect Abbott. Someone else will be too blame. Hockey will get an “external, independent” audit of the nation’s finances done and ‘discover” its worse then expected. There will be excuses made and blames laid.

“So what does Abbott stand for? He stands for ‘no’. He stands for ‘backwards’. He stands for ‘repeal’. He stands for undoing Labor’s progressive policies, which he has successfully misrepresented as failures. The Carbon Price. A National Broadband Network for all Australians. A Mining Tax that shares the wealth of our nation’s resources with everyone, not just the rich. He’ll keep Labor’s policies that he knows the voters won’t let him touch in the short-term, such as the National Disability Insurance Scheme and the Gonski School Funding plan. However, as Gillard says, it’s important for Labor to remind voters, and to remind them again when they don’t listen, that these reforms were Labor’s doing. While Abbott might get a short term glow from killing Labor’s progressive policies which he has painted as waste, and keeping Labor’s policies that he’s too scared to touch, at the end of the day, what does he really stand for? And what comes next after his wrecking ball hangs idle? It’s wrong for people to say Abbott stands for nothing. It’s blindly obvious what he and his Liberal colleagues stand for, whether they’re willing to admit it or not. The next three years are Labor’s opportunity to remind voters exactly what they voted for in an Abbott government, and what will happen to their communities because of this. I say bring it on.”



  • Despite what I was taught when I was young, this election has proved that if you want to realise your personal ambitions, it is not honesty, but dishonesty that is the best policy!   :sad:
  • That democracy is for sale to the highest bidder, or for the richest people, with vested interests, and a level of sociopathy.
  • That with the right propaganda machine behind you, you can tell the biggest of lies, and repeat them often enough and loud enough, so that eventually, without any level of balance or scrutiny, people will believe them.   :shock:
  • That Abbott can claim, as he did after the last election that the Gillard government was illegitimate , when she formed a minority government after negotiating with the independents and minor parties (negotiations that he failed at) but can act like his government is more legitimate, and he has a clear mandate, based on an election handed to him by Murdoch based on lies and spin?
  • That three years of mega dummy spit, lies and misinformation, talking down the economy for their own self interest, corrupt, seditious and some would even say, treasonous actions by candidates as well as some of high rank within the LNP should be rewarded  with an election win?


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