No woman, No Cry…No Science, No Climate Change.

Day 9

Abbott finally comes out of hiding long enough to announce the government ministry roles.

No surprises in it given the lack of overall depth and ability – these guys are all the B side of the dismal Howard era.

As expected there is a chronic lack of women on the front bench.

Only Julie Bishop is present as Foreign Minister. Whether the undead count as a female is another matter…

There is also a curious removal of certain ministries, or “deflation” as Abbott puts it. These ministries are considered unimportant and unneeded.


Climate Change,




Status of Women,

Aged Care,

Mental Health,

Early Childhood

One would think these are key ministries with important social implications ? Not so for the new regime. Most likely they don’t make enough money…

There was however a new ministry created…wait for it…The ministry of Border Protection. Says it all really. Every fascist state needs a ministry of border Protection…

There is another wave of ominous Murdoch propaganda on the way.

The focus for now, it seems will be on debunking Climate change. Or at least fueling the element of doubt which Murdoch has successfully been able to keep festering away.

The five stages of climate denial…and the Murdoch rags subscribe to all of them…

“The Liberal National Party president has blasted the Queensland education system  for “brainwashing” students about climate change.”

it has started…the indoctrination of youth to discount climate change ! The very people who will suffer the most are to being lied to by an LNP led change to the education system. Why not, after all it worked at treat in the Hitler Youth 70 years ago…

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