The war on climate change asylum seekers…

Day 11

Day 10

The alternate media is full of condemnation for Abbotts misogynist front bench. Though I for one don’t know why anyone is surprised…It was never going to be an equal cabinet. Abbott simply doesn’t see women that way.

What’s more alarming in terms of deep social damage is the removal/merging of key ministries. It does not bode well for the future to remove the ministry for climate change and merge the ministry for science into the ministry of Industry. The agenda being set here is very bleak in terms of the next generation and the planet.

Today though the Abbott-Murdoch coalition shone their baleful light upon their evil little plan for asylum seekers. Howard had his “war on terror” to scare and herd the population into submission.

Abbott has his war on asylum seekers. Not quite the same thing, but it would appear he certainly enjoys it.

“Major General Campbell will promoted to a three-star general and will coordinate the 16 departments and agencies that will come under the Operation Sovereign Borders policy.

He will have the powers to bypass normal Defence Force command structures and will report directly to incoming Immigration Minister Scott Morrison….

Special Operations commander Major General Peter Warwick Gilmore will be his second in command.

Major General Campbell has been the commander of Australian military operations in the Middle East and has served in East Timor.

He has also served as deputy national security adviser.

Major General Gilmore was commander of the Special Air Service Regiment in 2001 and 2002 and led the first Australian Special Forces Task Group into Afghanistan.

Mr Abbott has said Operation Sovereign Borders will have an immediate effect once it begins.”

It goes without saying that this line:

He will have the powers to bypass normal Defence Force command structures and will report directly to incoming Immigration Minister Scott Morrison….”

is one of the more dangerous boasts by an Australian politician in memory. They are using this as selling point…the problem is why stop at asylum seekers ? Once they learn to keep this out of the news they can apply it to anything they like.

Meanwhile on Abbotts other battlefield, the war on climate change, or rather the war on those who accept climate change. It would appear the tactic will be to discredit climate change science as a rule, but also to actively remove climate change scientists and organisations. Hell, if there is no one left to say its happening, its much easier to deny right ?

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