Operation Mushroom

Day 16

There is a trend emerging underneath the silence of the media.

We have the coalitions decision to stop announcing when asylum seeker boats arrive. Seems we no longer need to know about this, for “military” reasons.

“I would find it absolutely remarkable that there could be a policy that would seek to prevent 2,000 Australians on Christmas Island talking about what happens here,” Mr Stanhope said.

A former Christmas Island administrator, Brian Lacy, meantime has labelled the decision to only provide weekly updates on asylum seeker arrivals as “puerile.”

Mr Lacy says withholding information does not make any impact on the actions of those seeking asylum.

“There’s simply no measure of deterrents that we could introduce that will stop these people fleeing the persecution and the brutality of their homeland and braving the elements for a better life in Australia or anywhere else for that matter,” he said”


Those who don’t get some sort of chill from this are akin to the worst of ignorant civilians and potential sociopath. The defense of the average German after the WW2 was that “we didn’t know…nobody told us…”

The alarming aspect of this can be considered if the LNP are able to control the media to such as extent over asylum seekers, what else will they decide needs to be taken off the news. Something very bad is occurring here and to pretend otherwise would be very dangerous.

“The first duty of the public service will not be, as its name implies, to serve the public; it will be to serve the government of the day, to look after its interests by whatever means are necessary.”


“The Coalition is returning Australia to a culture of government secrecy,  according to Member for Fraser Andrew Leigh.

Read more: http://www.canberratimes.com.au/act-news/back-to-the-old-days-of-govt-secrecy-andrew-leigh-20130923-2u9at.html#ixzz2fh0Hyi1O

Add to this and the combined assault on climate change, environmental protection, and the go ahead being given to big business and mining corporations.

“A Queensland government plan to open up Cape York to development is “insane” and risks destroying landscapes that are currently being considered for world heritage listing, environmentalists claim.”


This is damage which can not be undone.

The attack on the workers has also began…

“The Coalition promises to return to the draconian powers of the Australian Building and Construction Commission. But the basis for that promise doesn’t add up.”


Even as Abbott steam rolls climate change into the fringe and the media turns its baleful lies onto scientists and journalists, we are being told time is running out. We are effectively 5 minutes to midnight.

So it seems Abbott is setting our demise into stone. The LNP stance is akin to a victim of lung cancer doubling their cigarette intake and scoffing at the medical reports. They wake up everyday still alive and figure a cough is nothing unusual.

On another crumbling front we have the final days of the NBN. the board has offered their resignations. The reasons it seems are more profound than a simple glance reveals. By adding competition to the NBN network it opens up profit and loss for companies. The cities will be the most profitable and easy to connect. The rural areas and hard to reach parts of the country ? Well why bother even going there as it won’t afford a profit. Seems to me that the Nationals have once again sold out the bush. Once the NBN is finished in a decade when we all have our street cabinets on every corner and 2nd rate internet speeds, who will people blame ? The wealthy will be fine of course. With $5000 connection fees fibre to the home will be another status symbol. The rest of us, the poor masses, will be left behind as usual.

Yet under the heading of Competition, the Coalition’s broadband policy says this: “Competitive and free markets have driven innovation and cost reductions in telecommunications since the early 1990s. The Coalition will remove or waive impediments to infrastructure competition introduced to provide a monopoly to Labor’s NBN …”

Unhappily the policy leaves it at “will”, and does not employ the “will investigate…” of the cautious policy statement. This is in keeping with other incautious Coalition policies (“we will stop the boats, scrap the tax” etc).

If David Teoh is allowed to have the apartment buildings in the cities, then the Malcolm Turnbull/Ziggy Switkowski NBN will simply be an unprofitable competitor on price in the cities and an unprofitable, supplier of fibre to the node services to rural Australia.

It will, in short, be a donkey, a money sinkhole, a political noose, and an end-of-career nightmare for a mild-mannered nuclear physicist who might end up wishing he’d stayed at the opera.”


Where do we go from here ? It seems all we can do is fight where we can. Keep fighting them on social media, keep blogging, keep sharing information.


1. The world is not as stable and prosperous as Australia and Abbott has to be able to negotiate through it. If the rapidly unfolding mess with Indonesia is anything to do by he won’t be very calm about this.

2. Economic stability is also dependant on the rest of the world. There is nothing Abbott can do to prevent another GFC type scenario  from unfolding. Nor even a steady decline in fossil fuel exports. Once the economy starts to falter Abbott will no longer be able to rely on the foundation Labor has given him

3. He has overspent in terms of promises and commitments. Where is all that money coming from ? It might seem insignificant to cut back on services here and funds to minority groups there, but the big money is in the mainstream cuts. People will start to wonder why electricity isn’t coming down. They will wonder taxes have increased and their standard of living is lower. Once they have to start cancelling that annual trip to Bali, Abbott’s pain will begin.

4. The decline of the newspapers and mainstream media will start biting. Right now the internet and alternate news sources is still on the fringe. But its free and its diverse. The NBN is whatever guise will hasten the ease of accessing internet news and alternate media broadcasts. People won’t be as reliant on the idiot box for their daily sound bites.

5. The future beckons. LNP voters are getting older, they are set to die off. maybe not all within 3 years time, but there will be a new crop of young voters. An inactive, staid Abbott Government isn’t going to influence the votes of the next generation who have very real future concerns. Concerns which Abbott isn’t interested in.

6. The revitalised Labor. If all that was holding back Labor was its perceived leadership issues, now that this is on the mend, its only a matter of time before the alternative looks much better than the do nothing Abbott. Abbott even for all his back pedalling and hands in the air approach, remains deeply unpopular. Especially amongst women and the young.

7. Finally the future of this Abbott term will reside in how he deals with the senate. Its hardly a easy popular assortment of senators holding the balance of power. These people are by and large fringe dwelling fundamentalists. Abbott will have to do deals with them. Deals which will make him look weak and make him appear extreme and hence unpopular. Abbott isn’t renowned for his negotiation skills. We can’t expect finesse here. The details will be ugly and brutal. The media might try to cover it up, or make Abbott appear the innocent one, but at the end of the day, he is accountable. Whatever happens from now on, Abbott stands to lose or gain. There is a hell of a lot Abbott stands to lose. He is after all standing in a position which if it weren’t for the media and if it weren’t for Labor’s leadership mess, he would never be in.

These are the dark days. It will get darker before the dawn breaks, and I shudder at what damage the light of day will reveal.

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