Culture Wars 2

Day 17

A fight back of sorts is beginning. The Climate Commission which was recently scrapped by the Abbott environmental vandalism has been reborn as the Climate Council. This time with private sponsorship and public funding.

The council will act “largely in the same way as the commission” according to Flannery, with a remit to inform the public of the impact of climate change. Instead of government funding, the organisation will be supported with donations from the public, with each of the former climate commissioners working pro bono.

The first donation came at midnight last night, a sum of $15 from “James of NSW”, Flannery said, with a further 1,000 donations since then. Nearly 4,000 people have signed a petition calling for the work of the Climate Commission to continue.

Details have not been released of other donors, although former Defence Force chief Chris Barrie has confirmed he has provided funds, calling the work of the commission “fantastic”.

Abbott and his stooges may yet still be held to account ! They may not listen but the Australian people will !

“this morning’s announcement of the rebirth of the Climate Commission as the crowd-funded and independent Climate Council is a straw in the wind. Only days after its abolition, Flannery and his colleagues at the Commission have reconstituted themselves with the help of a groundswell of community support. As independent analysts, they loom as far more effective critics of Greg Hunt and Tony Abbott’s risible Direct Action policy than they would have been while still formally part of the government.”

The internet and social media is allowing people to come together, get mobilised and organised to fight Abbott in a way the conservatives fail to appreciate. There is hope yet for democracy in Australia. Despite the control of the media under Murdoch and the ease with which Abbott is able to lie and manipulate the media and broad population, the truth will find a way !

Its a small light in the darkness, a mere glowing ember, but there is a wind blowing to fan it.

The truth is Abbott won on a slender margin, a mere 30,000 votes and Abbott would be history.

“Fifteen of the Coalition’s new seats are held on very thin margins. Eleven seats have margins of less than 4000 voters”

To add to this Abbott and his band of under-performers are lurching into tougher times.

“This raises question about what promises we can expect politicians to keep. In particular, it raises questions about what promises a new Coalition government can be expected to keep and what we, as the public, will give it permission to get away with. The Coalition campaigned heavily in opposition on the basis of trust. Now, the Coalition government is only a few weeks old, and already we are witnessing it shift from its promises.”

Abbott is going to be held to account, not by the Murdoch propaganda machine of course, but by we the people.

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