Banning Boycotts and Education- LNP style

Day 18

The LNP’s “calm methodical” destruction is now being directed towards Higher education. According to Christopher Pyne, Universities are far to egalitarian. Poor people are able to go to universities in larger numbers. That’s bad according to the LNP.

“Education Minister Christopher Pyne has also opened the door to re-introducing  caps on university places, warning any loss of quality would ”poison” the  sector’s international reputation.

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It is poisoning the reputation of Institutions. Seems the LNP is true to their form and consider that only the wealthy should have easy access to university. What is more this seems to be a clear broken promise by Pyne

Of course there is nothing in the media crying foul over a broken promise…

On another level this is a personal issue for Abbot…

For Pyne and Abbott, this issue is personal. University politics was a proving ground for both. As far back as the 1970s, Abbott was campaigning against mandatory student union fees. At the urging of BA Santamaria, he took control of the student representative council at the University of Sydney and set about running it into the ground. Against a backdrop of violent student politics, he called for the slashing of student numbers and cuts to university funding.

Some of these goals he achieved as a minister in the Howard government. The rest, yesterday’s announcements suggest, he will achieve as PM.”

Dark times ahead for education in Australia.

Combine this with the steady bludgeoning Public schools will receive and the picture is clear. A dumbed down, uneducated mass who are easy to manipulate. The LNP know that only the rich and the stupid vote for them. Since they don’t want too many rich people, the best way forward is to increase the numbers of stupid.

I noticed a few days ago a plan by the Libs to outlaw the ability for anyone to organise a boycott against another company if they consider a product by that company to be unethical, unsafe or dangerous to the environment.

Exactly why this is such a terrible thing as deemed by the Libs is a mystery. Unless you consider the obsession with corporate power and money over consumer rights and individual choice.

“the Coalition government is considering changes to Australian law to prevent “secondary boycotts” of companies by environmental and consumer groups. This would significantly impede such groups trying to highlight bad business practice. ”

“Under the proposed law, it would be illegal to call on another individual or company to boycott a product because it was unsafe or destroying the environment. It’s explicitly designed to silence groups like Greenpeace and SumOfUs — with Liberal Senator Richard Colbeck saying that he is “very concerned” about what environmental groups were doing, and wants to stop them. Landmark campaigns like those that have saved Tasmania’s forests and challenged live animal exports would suddenly be illegal.”

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