There is no budget crisis, no illegal boat people invasion, no climate change, and no Prime Minister.

Day 19

Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s plan to stop the quotes is classic media management. But politicians that can’t talk to the press upfront will talk more behind closed doors

“Where are the policies that will take Australia forward into a prosperous future? There were no policies during the election and it appears they have none now. It seems they will implement those policies of Labor’s that had popular support. But probably framed in their own image. But do they have any ideas of their own. What is Abbott’s vision for the country? Is it just a return to the Howard’s relaxed state of political bliss? And please don’t give me this crap that he has only been in power for a short time. He has had four years to put together a positive agenda. Could it be that he spent so much of that time being negative that positive thoughts became dead, buried and cremated?”

“The Defence Minister did not call back yesterday about reports that   the three Australian soldiers murdered in Afghanistan were victims of   incompetence.

The Foreign Minister didn’t react to questions about Steve Bracks.

It is one thing to demand discipline from ministers, that is ok, and it is not their job to feed a voracious media.

After all we are all sick of the sight of them but at times the public demands and deserves information; information that can only come from government.

They can’t dodge that and if they try, it won’t work.

It will only build bitterness and suspicion.”

“The solution to Australia’s woes: persuade people that there is no crisis

Just as it did with asylum seekers, the Liberal party has relentlessly inculcated a sense of economic crisis and emergency where none exists.”

“FARMERS and environmentalists protesting Coal Seam Gas drilling have been removed from a NSW government energy summit in Sydney. ”

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