The Invisible Refugees

Day 21

3 weeks since that fateful election…

This should be the time when a quick recap is done…not tonight though.

The thought is too depressing. We all live in a nation which has voted in a political group which campaigned on negative slogans demonising asylum seekers, denial of climate change, and hitting the incomes of the poorest and most vulnerable in order to give more to the wealthiest. Yet they won comfortably  ! The shock and horror over this still has not worn off. 3 weeks and there is much worse to come after all we have 3 years until the next election. The awful thing is, how bad will it need to get before people realise they batted for the wrong team. Which is hat it seems to be for most people. Choose a side and support them thick or thin. Whatever happens if its bad its someone else’s fault. Only a terrible shock will change people’s mind, or a single-minded and dedicated media bias as we have seen.

What I have noticed

people don’t care about asylum seekers apart from knowing the “boats have stopped”. An impossible reality hence the Libs banning the news about them

people don’t care about the NBN, as its such a long term project that no one can imagine needing faster internet in a decades time !

people don’t care about education as they managed fine back in the day…and look where they are now

All people want is to not have to think about anything beyond themselves and their small world

which is where climate change is the elephant in the room

how is it possible that the worlds scientific evidence is derided as mere opinion and something akin to a belief ? Is this a medieval mindset in play ?

People are comparing science to politics and religion where an opinion is justified.

The fact that the stakes are so high…in fact the stakes couldn’t possibly be higher, namely the future of the planet and the inhabitants, should at least cause people to pause.

No way ! People don’t seem to want to think about it…if its a global issue its up to the rest of the world right ? Sure we should do something about climate change…but if it means having to pay anything to fix it then no way.

Sorry but we are doomed.

In many ways I believe the human race deserves it. There are good people and compassionate people, but the reality is they are the minority. the vast bulk of humans are a terrible blight on the planet.


I was hoping that writing this blog would help to work through the angst and sadness. It doesn’t…at times all it does is concentrate the pain into one place. I have to remind myself that the blog isn’t going to help at all. Rather it is here simply to try and record some part of this point in history. The part I play to prevent this is minimal. Almost powerless in a way.

I have to view this blog as an apology to those in the future. I am here living through the steps to their suffering and powerless to do anything.

Day 20.

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