The Future Abandoned

Day 22

Tonight I can make a little effort at summing up the last three long weeks of the Abbott Government

Abbott and his stooges have struck out so far in four key areas:

– Climate change policy

– Education

– Asylum Seekers


The Destruction of the climate change commission was effectively countered by the formation of the climate change council. The same organisation without government funding and with complete independence. To date crowd sourcing has earnt it $800,000.

This is a HUGE victory for democracy, for people power, and for those whom value the future. It’s a defeat for Abbott. Of course the media is ignoring it, but it matters little. Social media are holding its own. Expect more of this and more headaches for Abbott thanks to social media…

The release of the IPCC report is also being treated by the media as a flash in the pan crisis. Just more alarmist climate change hysteria. In no way is the Abbott governments denial of climate change and the impotent “direct action ” scam called into question here.

The media has abandoned the future and lashed themselves to ye olde’ sailing ship Abbott. The future isn’t going to be kind to the MSM either. Newspapers are in their dying years, Television as we know it now will face its own nemesis in internet TV and multiple channels from around the world. The stark monopole of Australian communications by the few is close to its end. How soon it happens rests with Abbott and Turnbull. They can go with their FTTN policy for the NBN and delay it by 15- 20 years. Thus running a huge wrecking ball through Australian communications and infrastructure. Or Turnbull can slowly back out of his stupidity via multiple costly “white papers” and keep with the FTTH set up.

It remains to be seen just how far the Abbott government will get into its term before actually trashing the long-term policies and implementing its own half-baked weak excuses.

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