The race to the bottom – Won

Day 24

I can’t write much tonight. Abbott has of course just concluded his visit to Indonesia. Whilst the Australian press is by and large supportive and in many cases so pro Abbott it hurts, I feel something fundamental has been lost.

Abbott has successfully and in an evil way, reduced asylum seekers to nothing across the region. He has successfully taken the race to the bottom in domestic politics and applies that to the region with Indonesia. That at least is what the Australian media is crowing about ! Gloating about sending asylum seekrs back to whatever hell they came form. Removing support, compassion, and understanding for other humans. Where does this end and what could it lead into ?

What I find alarming is that this is not a issue which will go away no matter how much Abbott and the media demonise it. Its zero tolerance extended to asylum seekers. As if they are criminals who deserve to be punished. This is nothing new of course, but now its pure and simple no holds barred. Abbott even promised to the Indonesian leader that any protests for asylum seekers from West Papua would be clamped down upon. Does that mean people protesting on a city street over an issue they believe in and are affected by will arrested ?…

The media is silent on this. Its seems to the MSM having civil liberties removed in order to appease another nation is not an issue. 3 weeks into the Abbott Government and this is where we are at already…

Day 23

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