Why we fight part 1

Day 31

The struggle has now degenerated further. On one hand we have the travel rorts of Abbott and various senior LNP ministers (the mind boggles over how many lesser ministers are claiming allowances). Then there are various media and journalists willing to defend them.


Overseas media seems to be more willing to pursue this corruption than the pathetic Australian MSM



Finally there is the supreme example of Peter Slipper being dragged before a federal court over his travel rort, by a suspected LNP rorter George Brandis. Perhaps it takes one to know one. The point is Slipper’s travel rorts date back to when he was a Coalition member.


So why is Slipper before the courts and the rest of the Politicians, including Abbott, on multiple cases, allowed to simply pay back the money and forget it.


The media is to date, studiously avoiding this vexed question. To boot the closest the media can get to this is by mentioning how Abbott has chosen to pay back the expenses charged for him to attend Peter Slippers Wedding !!! There has to be a word for such an extreme and obnoxious use of irony.



Now will this matter in the long run ? Will the people who voted in Abbott care that he is ripping them off over a long period of time and the paying back the money when caught ???

Have those same voters already switched off and prefer to see more negativity as simply sour grapes ? Do the voters now prefer to be swindled simply so as not to have to hear about politics anymore. In short has Abbott burnt people out. Has his constant grinding in your face politics made people want to take a break from it.

If so the danger now is that he and the LNP are going to use this deadening to exploit people’s disengagement as much as possible.  The counter to this is the invigorated social media movement. We are keeping tabs of you Abbott ! We are not only writing about your growing list of lies, but also recording your lies and making them public. What’s more the amount of people viewing this information is growing all the time.

Day 30

Day 29

Day 28

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