Why We Fight ~ Part 2

Day 40


I try stay calm these days. Avoid the TV news and reading any main stream newspapers. Unfortunately by doing this the rage builds up inside and isn’t released. Blogging about it is at least a kind of safety valve. Even if it feels impotent at times.

I take cold comfort knowing that in the days of reckoning to come I am on the side of those who fought the good fight. A crusade against the evils of the Abbott Government and all it stands for.

The latest insidious developments have began slithering into view despite parliament not siting until mid November, Abbott is damaging whatever he can get his clammy hands on.


“The goal of the TPP is to make it easier for big business and international corporations to act across borders without interference from states. The TPP will effectively erode state oversight in favour of corporate freedom in areas such as the environment, workers rights, food safety, internet freedom, the costs of medicine, and financial regulation. ”



Privatising HECS

“The university education debt of millions of Australians could be sold off under a  proposal to be examined by Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s inquiry into the state of the nation’s finances.”


“Let’s be clear, selling-off Australia’s HECS debts would not necessarily “boost the Budget bottom line”. Because HECS debts do not have interest (except CPI increases), by definition the sale would be at a significant discount to face value ($23 billion). The difference in effect becomes the annuity stream for investors. Therefore, while the Government would receive some funds up-front, it would lose the ongoing cash flow as loans are repaid – in effect substituting a future income stream for a smaller lump-sum.”


The repeal of the Carbon price and his call for Labor to “repent”


and the slowly growing government censorship and control of our freedoms.


“The Coalition Government has only been in power a month, but despite professing “freedom of speech” as a core belief, and The Australian declaring that Tony Abbott PM would “champion free speech”, our right to freely discuss the government, foreign governments and business is being hit from several angles.”


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