Hide the Fires

Day 44

My little family and I live in Blackheath in the upper Blue Mountains. This evening I am watching the sky  as the sun sets. The sky is grey like a storm is approaching. However the clouds are not of rain, but rather the smoke of a massive bushfire parts of which are only 4km away.

It is mid Spring. Tommorrow the tempreture will be 32 degrees celcius.  The Rural fire Service is warning that the entire Blue Mountains are at risk. This could well be the worst Bushfire in recorded Hisotry. Already over 200 homes have been destroyed.

The fact that no lives have been lost is a tribute to the hard working selfless volunteers in the RFS.

All this brings me to the rank hyprocrisy and utter deviousness of the Abbott Government.

Even as Abbott appeared in Winmalee to give a very brief speech (so as to avoid any questions by the media) behind the scenes the LNP were cutting the eligibility for disaster assistance.

This to me is typical LNP behaviour, smile and wave to your face whilst cutting your legs out from under you. Hit the poor and the vulnerable as they can’t fight back. Its in the LNPs DNA.

“On 18 October 2013 as bushfires raged up and down the NSW east coast, the Abbott Government performed this act of bastardry: The Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payment (the AGDRP) provides an immediate, one-off payment to Australians adversely affected by a major disaster. [ComLaw October 2013] Those who have lived through natural disasters before will note that the Abbott Government is no longer paying relief if the October 2013 bushfires in New South Wales have forced an individual or family out of their house for 24 hours or more, or if access to return home has been cut off or if they are stranded at home and unable to leave.”

What annoys me more though is the peculiar stance on the attitude towards climate change in all this. It really is the elephant in the room. The media just doesn’t want to mention it. Its like a drunk driver has an accident and yet no one mentions that the driver was drinking.

Mid Spring…massive bushfire…record tempertaures…very little rain. ???

Yet when Adam Brandt tried to remind people that climate change is a reality and is having an impact he got slammed across the media for “politicising” the issue.

“For the Abbott government, it has emerged that talking about climate change during a “natural” disaster is taboo. Of course, how “natural” the NSW fires actually are is the issue here, as we witness over 100 separate fires across NSW. These fires are the likes of which have never been seen in the month of October anywhere in Australia, let alone this close to population centres.

Yesterday Greens MP Adam Bandt posted the following on Twitter that drew several reactions from LNP politicians.

Tony Abbott’s plan means more bushfires for Australia & more pics like this of Sydney.

Environment minister Greg Hunt condemned Bandt linking the NSW fires to Abbott’s perceived inaction on climate change, saying:

There has been a terrible tragedy in NSW and no-one anywhere should seek to politicise any human tragedy, let alone a bushfire of this scale.

But is this really politicising the fires, as if to gain some narrow political advantage for the Greens? Or is it in fact a gesture to point out how serious global warming actually is, and that without effective global action – especially from high carbon footprint nations like Australia – we are likely to expect more of such kinds of fire behaviour at very strange times of the year?”


Meanwhile we see Abbott sitting in a fire engine grinning like a fool. He is the all action man hero saviour come to assist the little people. The media love it even as the smell of crap coats all involve.

The question should be asked as to just how much will Abbott charge taxpayers for this bout of volunteering ?

Given Bushfires are going to start occurring with greater intensity and much sooner. Given that the Abbott Government ( and much of the media) is in denial about the effects of climate change and indeed the need to do anything about it, how long before it becomes important for the LNP to hide Bushfire reports from the media ? Its already a tactic with the “hide the boats” policy, so why not extend it to bush fires. Smoke what smoke ? The LNP will neither confirm nor deny that the smoke seen all over Sydney today was the result of a yet another bushfire in the Blue Mountains. For operational reasons the LNP cannot reveal the size nor scale of any bushfires which may or may not be the cause of the smoke. Finish with a glossy pic of Abbott and Greg Hunt planting a tree with a couple of blondes…

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2 Responses to Hide the Fires

  1. Is there *anywhere* else in the World where the PM/President actively distracts resources from emergency services, mid-crisis? One day sitting in the cabin of a truck (that might have been better utilised in actually attending a fire-front), another doing photo ops after rubbing some ash on his face. He is a joke.
    He is not helping – as you know – he is diminishing the efficacy of the fire services, while he should be getting to grips with his new job; running the country…
    Well on track to taking the crown of worst PM ever. And his first parliament hasn’t even sat yet.

    Nice work here, by the way!

    • panzeroo says:

      Thanks Shit’s gotta stop !
      This is telling…”Abbott rolled into Bilpin, sat around and ate, got some happy snaps, watched some people do a backburn, sat in a truck, got his moment of glory and then left.” Makes me feel both sick and really angry. Not just at Abbott for being such a low life, but also the media for playing along with it. As much as I find Abbott lovers and LNP trolls annoying sometimes I feel its not their fault. they are being hoodwinked by professional shysters.

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