The Liberal Songbook

Day 48

During the worst days of the fires near Blackheath, my family and I took shelter at my brother in law’s place in Annandale Sydney. They extended a warm hospitality as usual, and we felt welcome. My brother in law is a very successful investment banker and together with his wife (an accountant) they must easily earn over $500,000 p/a. This sort of income means they have a house of very expensive objects and gadgets. Our 3.5 year old and 1.5 year old certainly tested our ability to monitor there actions to the limit. Fortunately nothing was broken or damaged.

I did however have a short conversation with my brother in law about politics. Both he and his wife are liberal Voters. In this regards they fit the very wealthy mold (as opposed to stupid mold) of those who vote for the coalition.

The conversation was kept short , and I held my tongue for most of it. However most of his argument for voting LNP was flawed. here is a brief run down.

1- Labor leadership disarray

He was able to acknowledge the devious role of the media in this situation. I did agree the leadership tussles didn’t do Labor any favours, however the party was functioning as its designed to do in terms of choosing a part leader.

2- Rudd as psychopathic leader ( Gillard was better !)

I fear that bagging Rudd simply replaced bagging Gillard here. It is interesting how much praise has since been heaped upon Gillard from some quarters. In any case Rudd as psychopath is somewhat mute compared to Campbell Newman and of course Abbott himself. Seems voting for one psychopath is better then voting for another.

I don’t care to write or add much more to Labor’s leadership dramas. It was fodder for the right wing press and Abbotts harping, but it didn’t prevent Labor from passing record amounts of legislation and much need reform.

3- School halls waste

This is straight out of the LNP songbook. I never really understood what was so flawed about funding school halls in public schools. I don’t hear parents or teachers complaining that their school now has a new hall ? Perhaps new school halls are only allowed in private schools.

“The BER Program has since March 2009:

  • Secured close to $3.5 billion in funding from the Commonwealth (seven times the size of the Department’s annual business as usual capital program) to deliver 4,659 projects over two years
  • Completed all 4,659 projects.

The Building the Education Revolution’s primary goal was to support the economy, but had the added benefit of providing long-term infrastructure to NSW government schools.

Students, teachers and the wider community now have access to high quality resources to support learning and improve the quality and diversity of learning environments for years to come.”

4- Pink Batts waste

Another LNP propaganda piece. The crime it seems was to try to install insulation in every house in Australia during the GFC. Thus stimulating jobs and a business surge and providing the permanent energy saving measures for the houses. What a waste !

“First, this so-called “debacle” was nothing of the sort. It was one of the central strategies which saved Australia from recession in 2009-10 after the onset of the global financial crisis [GFC]. The only other developed country to avoid two negative quarters of gross domestic product growth was Poland — which executed similar moves, but less swiftly.”

5- Liberals are better financial managers – Being in the finance industry means he knows this better then most…

Not withstanding my brother in laws profession, the notion that the liberals are better ecomomic managers is a myth. A terrible myth which has already ccost Australia billions and billion of lost $ and created a difficult future – and that’s just form the Howards years.

ACCORDING TO THE LINE flogged relentlessly for the last six years by the federal Coalition and the mainstream media, the Howard-Costello years – 1996 to 2007 – were a period of wonderful money management.

“The Government of John Howard now looks like a lost golden age of reform and prosperity” is a favourite Tony Abbott mantra.

Like countless propositions repeated ad nauseum by Australia’s media, the opposite is the truth. In fact, the Howard years are widely regarded outside Australia as dismally disappointing.

Or, according to some, like veteran economics writer Kenneth Davidson:

“What has happened under Costello’s watch is a major financial disaster.”

6 – Greens are extremists/ radicals

A favourite stance of the right wing and LNP voters. The greens are a threat to economic growth. They oppose backburning and are the most responsible for the Bushfire threat. It seems nobody actually stops to find out from the Greens what they do really think.

The Greens believe that living with bushfire threat requires a coordinated approach that includes:

  • planning of housing sites to avoid development in risk prone areas;
  • strategically planned hazard reduction, including controlled burning, where  and when climatic conditions allow it to be done safely and where it is consistent with maintaining the ecosystem;
  • education and community awareness programs to reduce the incidence of arson; and
  • a well funded and managed fire fighting service which can protect human life and homes and contain the spread of fires.

While recognising that controlled burning is only one form of bush fire risk reduction, The Greens have not been responsible for restricting its use. We are committed to an effective and scientifically based approach to hazard reduction, which takes into account the needs of both the human and natural environments.”

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