“The lamps are going out all over Australia, we shall not see them lit again in our life-time”

Day 59

The time of darkness is almost total now. Behind us, the lighted path is dimming as the door is pulled shut by the LNP. There is no light up ahead, only a deep chasm of suspicion, paranoia, lies and deceit. We are entering into the murky world as imagined by the likes of Abbot, and his amoral and corrupt ministers Brandis, Bishop, Hockey,  Morrison and more so perhaps the sinister Peta Credlin and omnipresent evil that is Rupert Murdoch.

“It is now clear that the underlying principle of the Abbott Government is to be ignorance: not only are the masses to be kept as far as possible in the dark, but the Government itself does not want to know.”

In this dark era of Australian history, there are only the extreme winners – those for whom money is to be piled high and counted, and countless losers – those whom await new forms of exploitation and disempowerment. The sharks are now in charge of the fish…

“when they say ‘catch calls’ like ‘open for business’ are going to make their lives easier, and to make their businesses richer, and to make them individually richer, who brought about the Abbott victory. No care for the environment. No care for the level or regulation that is sensible and makes Australia a first world country. No care for the fact that they are using three word slogans to justify the biggest fuck up this country has ever democratically elected.”

Those from disadvantaged backgrounds, the old and the ill. Minority groups and fringe dwellers. In short the traditional targets of fascist governments throughout history. The biggest loser will be those yet to be born. The very young and those whom don’t remember a time before the darkness. For them having no sight will be the norm. Ignorance will be their only bliss.

For now at least Asylum seekers are the punching bags – easily the most vulnerable and defenceless. They are the practise target for the LNP thugs. The public has been conditioned over many years to hate and fear them. No one bats an eyelid anymore over life time detention camps for children. Deaths at sea are dismissed as their fault. The public enjoys knowing asylum seekers are being punished. The public enjoys not having to hear or care about their plight.

Spitting on Shoes

A few days ago I sent a tweet which suggested that Scott Morrison will be forgotten by history and that little children should stop him in the street and spit on his shoes.  Most people understood it as it was intended.  Anyone who thinks the suggestion would be followed literally is missing the point: the suggestion is intended as a mark of my contempt for Morrison. Contempt for him for deliberately misleading the public into thinking that boat people are criminals, or have broken the law in any way. 

Morrison has regularly referred to boat people as “illegal”; he has suggested that those who are placed in community detention should be required to report regularly to police; he has said that they should not be placed in the community near “vulnerable people”.  In October 2013 he directed staff in the Department to refer to boat people as “Illegal Maritime Arrivals”.  The Department is now officially the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

What is worse, Morrison says these things knowing it will make the public see boat people as less than human, so they can be mistreated without public complaint. 

I do not think we are going to see much shoe-spitting. But it is fascinating that some people missed the point of the tweet and, more alarmingly, thought that such a breach of good manners would be a greater crime than Morrison’s dishonesty and hypocrisy and mistreatment of other human beings.

Here is an email I received today, and my response to it. I get quite a few abusive emails in relation to refugee issues, but this person is especially enthusiastic:

“Burnside……luved ya latest tweet encouraging kids to accost our Immigration Minister Scott Morrison in the street and “spit on his shoes”……why kids?, you’re low enough to perform the same feat or are you frightened of retaliation?….for a bloke who’s job is to uphold law and order, is it legit to exploit kids for the use of committing unlawful activities, let alone you promoting it, is that an indictable offense I wonder?

You with the likeness of “Louie the fuckin’ fly” are a self righteous fucking moron and I hope one of your unruly little monsters takes to you with a fly swatter, you haven’t had any headlines lately dickhead uh, out of work? what a fuckin’ wanker!!!”

The person who wrote this tends to email me every few weeks. He is always abusive, and seems not to absorb any facts I send him.  Still, it is always invigorating to see how things look from his corner.

My response:

“…Here’s the thing. Scott Morrison lies about innocent people: he calls them “illegal” when he knows they have not committed any offence, he creates fear in the public about those same people; he uses those lies as a means of dehumanising refugees, then when the dehumanising has worked, he mistreats refugees and drives them to hopelessness and despair.

He is holding nearly 1500 children in detention; some of them are now suicidal.

He prays conspicuously each Sunday at the ShireLive church in Sydney, although what he is doing is plainly contrary to Christian teaching.

In response to his dishonesty and hypocrisy, I suggested that little children should spit on his shoes: not on him, on his shoes. As a mark of contempt.

But in your hierarchy of values it is worse to spit on his shoes than it is for him to lie to the public, dehumanise refugees and then mistreat them…”

Incidentally, the idea of little children spitting on a person’s shoes as a mark of contempt is not an original idea of mine. I first read the suggestion in a piece written some years ago by Bob Ellis, a good man and a fine writer

 The more recent  target group are Motorcycle clubs, an easy target to array propaganda against and get public acceptance. Much tougher the asylum seekers, Bikies need new laws made in order to crush them. In the darkness we are told bikies are the most dangerous threat to public safety. They are a curse on society. People are eager to embrace the idea of a new curse needing extermination. The public loves a good witch hunt. In truth bikies as a threat are minor. Somewhat tougher than asylum seekers, Bikies are the target practice for the next  and main group.

The obvious target will be Unions and by proxy, workers. The antithesis of the LNP, Unions are the mortal enemy of a political organisation whose main goal is to exploit workers.

“Unions fear conservative state governments are pushing to ”silence” them  nationally after Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia joined NSW in  defending its political donations laws against a landmark High Court challenge”

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/liberal-state-governments-join-together-to-defend-law-20131103-2wuot.html#ixzz2jepcgh00


In the darkness covering everything the LNP will literally get away with murder. Abbott and his workplace SS minister Abetz will crush the unions without the public being able to see.

“The Abbott Government’s attempt to introduce an
appeals body to amend decisions made by the Fair Work Commission is another
attempt to strip back workers’ rights, the ACTU said today.

President Ged Kearney said media reports today  made it clear that the Abbott
Government wanted to reduce the FWC’s power to stand up for workers, and make it
easier for employers to push through bids to cut wages and reduce conditions
such as penalty rates.

“We are concerned that this is an attempt by the
Abbott Government to reduce the ability of the Fair Work Commission  to make
balanced decisions that respect the rights of workers.”

“Fair Work is the
independent body that decides such things as the annual increase to the minimum
wage – increases that big business always say are far too generous.”

has also knocked back attempts by business to reduce penalty rates in certain

“There is no reason for the Abbott Government to bring in an
appeals body unless it wants to reduce the power of the Fair Work Commission and
make it easier for business to implement its agenda to cut wages and

“The Abbott Government has refused to enshrine penalty rates
in law, and it is clear that they will not stand in the way of business’s
attempts to cut them.”

“Workplace Minister Eric Abetz has also said the
government wants the Fair Work Commission to overrule negotiated agreements that
he believes are too generous to workers. This is an attack on workers’ right to
negotiate collectively with employers.”

“He has also said today that the
Abbott Government will push ahead with attempts to introduce a national
construction code which will punish construction companies which enter into
agreements with unions, by denying them the chance to work on federal government
projects. This is a measure which will do nothing to improve productivity and
will simply result in more red tape for businesses.”


From here its open slaver where workers and individuals are under the jackboot without even realising until too late.

In this darkness there are still a few feeble lights moving around, flickering candle holders and firefly weak. Some may be false hopes. We can only hope that there are some which will increase in illumination, and provide a space for a brighter positive future to grow around.

“If language is being used as bullets – then conservatives are using bazookas and flamethrowers whilst progressives are firing back on their own. The problem for progressives is that whilst they preach to the already converted –  conservatives are taking control of broader cultural language and winning.” http://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/2013/11/04/comments-progressives-are-losing-language-war

It is the darkness which is the enemy. Eyes grow weaker in darkness and become less useful, eventually losing sight altogether. The Australian people may become so accustomed to the darkness and the snake like lies of comfort and reassurance from the Murdoch machine that they forget what the light was like.

Already it seems people have accepted that the door is being closed and that darkness is the new form of government. Only a few writers are desperately trying to raise the alarm. Trying to shake the  hypnotised public awake.  Now more then ever we need those writers and more of them. We need to keep as many lights burning as possible. These people will be places of hope as the darkness deepens.

The next decades will be scarred by this time. The environmental damage will be the curse of the generation growing up now, and their children will have no choice but to live in a broken world. Even as Abbott and Education minister Prancing Pyne rewrite the history books and corrupt the education syllabus, their history will be a spreading stain over which the future generations will despair of.  As the door closes we say good buy to what should have been our future, and our children’s future.  In place is greed, self interest,

“It seems we can live with a world of obscene disparities, as long as we imagine  our lives, careers and successes are all our own work. If others struggle,  that’s their fault,  their own mistakes, or lack of skills or work ethic.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-opinion/the-lucky-country-try-selfish-and-deluded-too-20131103-2wula.html

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