The boat is sailing away and Abbott is too busy pigging out on Lobster

Day 67

The most destructive and irresponsible Government in Australia’s history will start its official parliamentary term tomorrow.

Its first piece of legislation is to attempt to repeal the Carbon Emissions trading scheme. Thankfully it is bound to fail, at least until the next senate comes into effect in July 2014.

The tragedy of this legislation is bound up in a mixture of ideological lunacy, corporate greed and sheer ignorance. This is a government which is condemning future Australians to a life of hardship, danger, and despair.

Like any Government which refuses to listen to experts and follow a purely ideological or economic path, it is bound to bring about failure and suffering.

“Australia just experienced its hottest October on record and 2013 is set to be the hottest year ever, according to a new report issued as the country recovers from devastating bush fires scientists have linked to climate change. That’s sure to stoke the controversy over reports that new Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s will fire nearly a quarter of the scientists that work for Australia’s leading government research organization.”

“Tony Abbott has confirmed that his government has abandoned its longstanding policy to reduce Australia‘s emissions by between 5% and 25% of 2000 levels by 2020 – a crucial and internationally scrutinised goal that had retained bipartisan support since 2009, throughout Australia’s tumultuous political debate over climate policy.”

If this was a wartime decision we would be facing invasion and national defeat thanks to Abbott and his Government’s incredible short

sightedness. Like the political bullies and cowards they are our nation is being condemned to a gross criminal injustice. The next generation will look upon the Abbott government as the harbinger of their doom.

Abbott will be written up as the worst Prime Minister in our history. A coward and an ignoramus.

The chronic recklessness lies in that this is an irreversible situation. By not acting now we will miss the chance to do what we can for the future generation. The boat is sailing away and Abbott is too busy piggong out on Lobster with his corporate masters ( at tax payers expense of course).

The is no second chance here. To put it simply Abbott will be seen as an environmental vandal, a criminal of the people and the nation will curse him as the fool which destroyed the future.

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