Liberal Ties and broken promises

Picture this…Hockey, or Abbott, or Truss, or Morrison, in this photo. Each morning these gentlemen rise up after a night of soulless sleep and choose a tie to wear.

Each man has a long tie rack of ties, Abbott can never decide between fundamental blue or washed out powder blue. Peta usually chooses his tie for him, once she gets out of the shower.

Morrison chooses a shade of marine blue with stripes. For the asylum seekers and the camps he throws them in to rot. Perhaps he will have his next suit cut in that style.  Truss wears a dull and colourless tie with black stripes. Like the black and white forgotten political world he inhabits, Truss lacks colour, life and description.  Most people don’t even know he exists.

Hockey settles for Black. Pitch black like the blackhole at the heart of his budget. The blackness of Hockey’s tie sums up the hopes and dreams his budgets are going to smash across Australia.

Saving the best til last…Pyne all alone in his crusade against the future of Australian Education. His tie is one of privilege and gilded lillies. Like a chocolate wrapping around a turd, the joke isn’t all that funny. If ever there was an example of Australia’s most hated tie wearing politican, it is Pyne.

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