About The Black Blog

This is a place to try to record the great unravelling of the next three years. Somewhere I can point my children to and help explain how and why it all went wrong. I know in time they will ask what I did to help their future. Besides not voting for Abbott, I am trying to keep a daily diary of the news, articles, blogs and memos. I try to tie it together with my own comments and opinions. The goal is to keep track of the days and weeks as Abbott destroys the future. For the record I vote Greens and always have.

I am an artist and run my own art restoration business and teach painting and drawing classes in the Blue Mountains. I have never been as political as I am now. I can thank Abbott for shocking me out of my complacency.

I also won’t tolerate any trolls or dissenting views. This is my diary for the future generation and isn’t open for debate,  let alone argument or trolling.  There is too much at stake and dissent = the worst form of ignorance. Those who refuse to see the damage being done are aiding Abbott in committing a crime against the future generations.


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